Author: USO Houston

Our volunteers, staff, and donors don't expect to be thanked by the troops and military family members who we are so proud to serve, but we love to hear feedback from them nonetheless! A sampling of comments from those who've benefited from our three Houston USO Centers and local programming:


"The USO is a life saver. Layover in Houston. #Gulfport2Guam" - @DJ_EEEE 


"I'd like to thank you again for everything you have and continue to do for myself and so many others. It was great to have a place to stay overnight and the crew you have there are top notch. Thank you so much again and take care."  - Service member at IAH USO Center heading to duty in Honduras


"USO Houston makes me feel like I'm at home -- thanks!"  - Soldier, via Twitter

"I am traveling on emergency leave with my 6 year old son. We have an 8 hour layover here in Houston (IAH). Life would have been miserable had it not been for the USO Center here."  - Military spouse

"USO Houston has provided a quiet, calm place for my husband to rest between flights. This has been extremely valuable since his PTSD/TBI make airports challenging place for him."  - Military spouse

"Exceptional hospitality and comfort. Nothing but great things to say about the Houston Hobby USO."  - Airman


"Thanks for always sharing amazing opportunities with local military families. We had a great time at the circus thanks to you!" - Military spouse


"I can not tell you how much I appreciate your services. I went to my son's graduation (left Houston and went to San Diego) after a horrible ordeal and getting stuck in Phoenix your volunteers stayed open for me so I could eat, put my feet up and wait for my have no IDEA how bad I needed all of that!!!! thank you!!!" - Military spouse


"Thank you, Mr. Bill at the USO at Ellington Field JRB. We had a two-hour wait to get renewed Military ID's today. He invited us into the USO where my 4 year old and 2 year old daughters had toys to play with, coloring books, markers, and he had healthy snacks when they got hungry. Thank you! USO is such a blessing to us wherever we go and the volunteers are so kind and hospitable." - Military parent


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